Tuesday, 24th April 2018


11 Reasons to Review Your Accountant


Is it time to change your accountant?

11-reasons-web-picThe difficulty for most business owners – even those with great reasons to review and change – is that they find it difficult to make the break, move on and progress.

The simple fact is that we all dislike change. We don’t like being outside our comfort zone, preferring to have familiar people and patterns around us, whether that’s in business or at home.

So it’s no great surprise to find that the vast majority of businesses resist change, especially when it comes to reviewing and potentially changing your accountant, even when it may be needed.

This report is designed to guide you when thinking about changing your accountant, or at the very least to prompt you to review the quality and effectiveness of the service and advice your existing accountant provides for you – for the price they charge.

To view our 11 Reasons to Review Your Accountant (And 5 Things to Ask When You Do) brochure, click here.


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