Tuesday, 24th April 2018

John Tiltman

John Tiltman. Thomas Nock Martin Chartered Accountants 

What can I do to help you (my specialist knowledge)?

Many companies and organisations require specialist help in complying with legislation.  Examples are companies that require an audit or Solicitors that require an Accountants Report. This ‘red tape’ is often seen as a real burden on businesses due to the time and cost involved.  That is where I come in. I have many years’ experience in specialist compliance and sit on the Auditing Practices Board's SME sub-committee. I have developed efficient procedures to ensure that the relevant rules are met at a sensible cost to our clients

What do I do at TNMCA?

As head of the Audit and Compliance division of TNMCA it is my job to ensure that all of our client’s needs are met as part of a ‘one stop shop’ approach to all of our client’s needs.

We all know that missing deadlines, not completing the correct forms or filing the wrong information can land any business in trouble.  TNMCA will help you prevent these mishaps and in fact help turn the ‘red tape’ to your advantage by advising on areas where your business can improve its procedures and be more efficient.

Fascinating Facts.

I know it sounds like a cliché but I really do enjoy meeting people, travel and of course wining and dining.

However of more interest is my ancestor’s (alleged) link to Bob Marley (yes, you read it correctly) so please ask me about it!

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